You Are Knit-Worthy Cardigan, by Francoise Danoy

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You Are Knit-Worthy Cardigan, by Francoise Danoy

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Why do we knit for other people, after all? Because we find them wor-thy; because we value them and we want them to know they are loved. Because we care enough about them to make something with our own two hands, just for them. Don’t we deserve to give ourselves that same level of love and care? When you get on an airplane they will tell you that in case of an emergency, you need to put on your own oxygen mask before you help someone else. The idea is that you can’t help anyone if you’re suffocating - and the same is true of the rest of your life! You can’t help or serve others if you’re not taking good care of yourself, first. If you want to better serve the world, you’ve got to take care of yourself! It’s absolutely okay to put yourself first, at least every once in awhile. So treat yourself to some indulgent knitting with the “You are Knit-Worthy” cardigan. This cardigan is worked top-down, allowing you to try it on as you go, featuring luscious cables on the back and down the sleeves. Big and cozy, it’s perfect to wrap yourself in on a chilly day with a hot cup of your favourite beverage.