Fun Facts & Tidbits

At Blind Buck Farm we are committed to natural wool and fibers, as well as sustainability and environmental responsibility.   Part of our mission is to inform and educate the public about the importance and benefits of natural products, from food to natural fibers.  Please browse the articles and resources we have come across.  We welcome any comments and suggestions.  And we especially encourage you to join us in our mission.


One of the resources that is very informative on all aspects of livestock farming, wool, and natural fibers is the International Wool Textile Organization

So, our first topic will be about all of the benefits of Wool:  

Among the most salient benefits are that wool is naturally flame-retardant!  And it is naturally odor resistant!  Natural fibers are an excellent example of the environmental cycle where nothing is wasted, nothing harmful is injected into the environment, and in fact renews itself.  For the full article, please go to:

This does not include superwash fibers since they are put through chemical processes to actually destroy the natural composition of wool.